I'm an RA and I want to show a movie for my residents

Texas A&M Residence Life Advisors and Staff are allowed to show any films that are available on AggieCinema.TAMU.edu to their residents in their residence hall. Please compelte this form to let us know you intend to show a movie and we can offer advice on how to plan your event. Aggie Cinema can even help you facilitate and advertise your event if you request our help (if you are requesting assistance from us, please complete this form a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of your event). Please note, Residence Hall screenings must be for residents and must take place in a Residence Hall location (you cannot host your screening in another area of campus like the MSC, Rudder or Library rooms). After your event we ask that you provide an accurate audience count by email to cinema@msc.tamu.edu.