What is AggieCinema.tamu.edu?

Great question. AggieCinema.tamu.edu is a movies on demand site that MSC Aggie Cinema provides for Texas A&M. You get free access to movies and TV shows available 24/7. Here’s a short video about what it is and why we’re offering it: Aggie Cinema Streaming.

How does it work?

Step 1: Login in to any main campus TAMU Wifi, like TAMU_Wifi.

Step 2: Download the SWANK Media Player App from the iTunes Store or Google Play. (optional, but might be needed depending on your device’s media player)

Step 3: Open a browser and enter AggieCinema.tamu.edu in your address bar.

Step 4: Pick a movie (This is probably the hardest step!) and then press play.

I can’t access AggieCinema.tamu.edu

First, are you trying to watch in Safari using a MacOS? If you are, try using Chrome or Firefox instead. Safari on MacOS is unfortunately not supported by the site. You can watch with Windows 10 on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Second, make sure you’re connected to a TAMU WiFi network like TAMU_Wifi.

If you still can’t get the Wifi connection you might need to contact Help Desk Central.

Can I watch movies with captions or in different languages.

Yes. Once the main title is playing click the settings icon at the bottom right corner, the Audio and Subtitle menu will open up. Choose your settings and enjoy!

Will there be new movies?

Yup. Our selections include new release titles, and once a month we will share a poll on our social media asking you to vote on the movies we add next month. To help us pick which movies you want to see, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Can my Campus Organization or Department advertise on AggieCinema.tamu.edu?

Yes. We offer short 20-30 second film advertising placement at the beginning of each film. If you want to advertise an upcoming campus event or something else related to campus life, email cinema@msc.tamu.edu (subject: Aggie Cinema Ads) for pricing and placement options. Film ads must be less than 30 seconds. Advertisement approval is managed by MSC Aggie Cinema students and their MSC Staff Advisor. Only approved ads will be accepted.