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What is MSC Aggie Cinema?

MSC Aggie Cinema is a student organization within the Memorial Student Center. It aims to engage the university community at Texas A&M University by producing year-round entertaining, cultural, & educational programs that bring the best of universal cinema through the Blockbuster series, Arthouse series, Classic Series, Advanced Screenings, and other special events. MSC Aggie Cinema is composed of four subcommittees that allow for its members to serve the organization, campus, and community through hands-on experience.


Organizations Seeking Co-Programs and Film Event Coordination:
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The opinions expressed in these movies do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of MSC Aggie Cinema, the Memorial Student Center Complex, or Texas A&M University.

Occasionally we will be unable to show a previously scheduled movie on the date indicated due to changes in release dates, box office success, etc., and other problems beyond our control. When this happens, MSC Aggie Cinema will make every effort to inform the students and the community about the changes to our movie lineup, and we ask that you pardon the inconvenience and accept our apologies.

Rudder Theater Complex & MSC Box Office

The Rudder Theater Complex is connected to Rudder Tower right next to the MSC, and are a part of the Memorial Student Center Complex. It includes Rudder Theater and Rudder Auditorium. Both are the main venues for MSC Aggie Cinema when presenting screenings of the Blockbuster Series and Advanced Screenings. Rudder Theatre is the most frequently used space in the Theatre Complex. Seating is in 5 sections, each seating 150 people, for a total of 750 seats. Rudder Auditorium is the largest of the three facilities in the Theatre Complex, with a seating capacity of 2,500. The orchestra or lower level seats 1,500 and the balcony seats the remaining 1,000. This room is equipped with two handicapped boxes located in the rear of the orchestra level and one handicapped platform on the ground level entrance of the orchestra section. The MSC Box Office is located in the lobby of Rudder Tower, and is the location for purchasing tickets for MSC Aggie Cinema events. Blockbuster, Classic, Arthouse and other Aggie Cinema events are free, unless otherwise advertised.

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